Why Worcestershire

Why Worcestershire?

Relocate to Worcestershire – one of the fastest-growing areas in the UK

Worcestershire is experiencing rapid growth and attracting the best and brightest companies, thanks to its desirable Midlands location. Competitive office set-up and operational costs, widespread access to skilled workers and comparative house prices are just some of the reasons companies choose to relocate to Worcestershire.

“Why did Aspenify choose Worcestershire to locate its UK business? For us that’s easy. It offers the perfect location with key markets, West Midlands, Greater Manchester, and Greater London, all accessible in 2 hours or less. It can offer an exceptional local support network, with Malvern in particular being a centre of Cyber excellence, and you have access to resources from high quality local Universities and colleges such as the University of Worcester and Aston University. Finally, it is just simply a nice place to work with an excellent quality of life.”

Martin Hanney Director, UK Operations Aspenify UK Ltd

Worcestershire house prices
The average house price in London is £523,666. The average house price in the West Midlands is £240,528. In comparison to London, office costs are also 75% more affordable, with the average cost being £15 per square foot compared to £60 in London, firmly putting Worcestershire on the fast track to growth.
Worcestershire’s transport infrastructure
There has been significant large-scale investment in Worcestershire’s transport infrastructure in recent years. Several high profile schemes and new assets, including Worcestershire Parkway Rail Station, and several road improvements, such as the A38 Enhancement Programme, have helped improve county-wide transport links.

Artist impressions of the Worcester Shrub Hill Quarter plan

Worcestershire’s future outlook
Since 2020, the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership alone has helped deliver 15,000+ new homes and 38,000 jobs and increased GVA to £2billion. By 2040, it aims to:
• Create 18,500 more jobs
• Boost GVA by £2.5billion
• Double the size of the low carbon sector
• Triple energy production from renewable generation.
Did You Know?
The Worcestershire economy has grown on average by 4% a year since 2013. In 2019, it increased by £2.8billion – just below the target set for 2025 (£2.9billion).