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Take control of your work files

Share and manage all of your files with your clients, professionally.

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Everything you need to get your files, where they need to be
With a robust feature set you will be able to share files with your clients quickly and effectively, meaning you can spend more time working, not waiting.

Upload Large Files

We can handle massive files, for even your largest projects.

Share quickly via email

Invite only those who need access to download your projects easily

Auto Manage

Old projects automatically removed for you, keeping your project secure

Wincan Viewer

Allow your customers to view your Wincan Projects straight away online

Integrates with Teamleaf

Seamless integration for those who have levelled up on Teamleaf


Completly free tier for those in the utility industry

Support team
Used by over 500 Companies across the UK
Teamleaf Share is used to share over 1 TB of data every year, across 500+ companies all based in the UK.
Data Uploaded to the cloud ready to share with clients
48 MB
Projects Created full of your clients data
Email links shared to clients allowing them to view and download your projects.

“Here at Amazon we love using Teamleaf share to send our top secret new plans for the company to investors”

Jeff Bezos
CEO of Amazon

Trusted by many companies across the country

Any Questions?
Our wonderful support teams are available to talk to via live chat or by phone. Any issues you have, They can resolve.
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headoffice@teamleafshare.com (+44) 7842 454 634
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sales@teamleafshare.com (+44) 7328 564 574
General Inquiries
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